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Short History

Already at the age of 8, Guy was eagerly busy at his grandfather’s (Lambert De Clercq) place in Rozebeke, taking away the pigeons for training races and short-distance races. This experience and taking away the clock encouraged Guy to start as a pigeon racer himself.

Consequently, Guy started racing with some of his grandfather’s pigeons on the short-distant races. The greatest triumph was the birth of the “Quevrain-miracle”, ring 4222963/1969. This pigeon managed to race 49 times out of 50 in the top 3 as yearling, 2-year and 3-year pigeon, with 34 first prizes including the guarantee.

After a few years, Guy gradually transferred from short-distance (speed) to medium-long distance with pigeons obtained from a.o. Achiel Romeyns (Sint Goriks Oudenhove), Janssens-pigeons, and Norbert De Schrijver (Balegem) from his “Zwarte Jolie”, in which the Janssens-bloodline was also present. The results in the SOM-union (St.-Maria-Oudenhove – Ophasselt – Mere) were very good and Guy even won the old pigeons Champions title (1 & 2).

Under the influence of, and by obtaining long-distance pigeons of Willy Van De Maele (Sint-Jans-Molenbeek) and Gerard Labiau (Zegelsem), Guy steadily transferred to long-distance races.
The first long-distance success came with the ‘Fondman’ (ring 4020060/1990), which won 16 long-distance races in a row, but sadly didn’t return from the Barcelona-flight as 5-year old pigeon. However, in the same year this pigeon still managed to pass on his qualities to the future Cahorswinner of 1998, the bird who is also the ancestor of the current long-distance colony.
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Here are a few articles about this success:

One year later there was another big success:

The doping test as a consequence of this magnificent result was negative.
Zone-winner was ring 4041931/99 (Click for pedigree).

The pigeons that arrived 2nd and 4th in this race, nest-sisters 4041945/99 and 4041946/99, later became the ancestors of the colony. The mother of these pigeons, ring 4452448/97, was obtained from Gerard Labiau (Zegelsem), and bred from his old colony (1st National Brive) with ring 3196364/96 of Sierens-Vanden Broecke (pedigree of these 2 breeding hens, click here.

The 3 regular breeding couple then were:

More long-distance investments:

And last but not least, some very valuable breeding material was bought at André Brouckaert’s colony (Wervik):

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To conclude this short overview, it deserves mentioning that Guy has won the Honorary Prize of the town of Brakel ("Nationale prijskamp Bourges der Krijgsgevangenen") 4 times, in 1995, 1997, 2003 and 2005 (click year to see the Award):